Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rochas Tocade

From Guerlain Nahema to Chanel Allure, there are beautiful vanillic roses out there, but Rochas Tocade is among the most fun to wear. The funky bottle it comes in is indicative of all the zany fun that comes from within. Created by Maurice Roucel who's a master of the sultry vanillic (vanilla-ambery) fragrances such as Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur, L by Lolita Lempicka, Le Labo Jasmin 17 and Hermes 24, Faubourg, Tocade is a delicious vanillic-ambery rose with a brazen heart of Turkish rose. Overall, it comes across with a fruity softness, a luscious sweetness freshened up with a slightly green magnolia top note. It's a youthful, friendly and happy perfume which, even with traditional notes, somehow always manages to smell airy and brand new. It's been compared to Flowerbomb because of its full-bodied, sweet, semi-traditional character. The benzoin in Tocade gives the vanilla a semi-chocolatey depth, giving it a richly sweet base. In essence, Tocade effortlessly crosses over to the modern Gourmand even while being a frou-frou Floral Oriental. It's another great classic by Rochas, the house that brought us Byzance and Femme.

Notes on Perfumemart:
Rochas Tocde (1994 Floral - Oriental)
Top Notes: Magnolia, rose, mandarin, bergamot
Heart Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Vanilla, amber, cedarwood

Other note listings I've seen have mentioned geranium and iris.