Thursday, July 24, 2008

Speziali Fiorentini Vaniglia

Speziali Fiorentini Vaniglia is the lightest, airiest sweet vanilla fragrance I've ever worn. I love how easy it is to wear. If you like vanillas such as Lavanila Vanilla, Demeter Angel Food, Molinard Vanille or the Comptoir Sud Pacifique and La Maison de la Vanille series, you might want to give this one a try. It's lighter and sheerer than the others but just as delish. There may be a trace of musk in here but it's not overwhelming at all, hardly detectable to my sensitive nose. I'm also thinking there may be a touch of heliotrope or some other smooth, elegant white floral note to give it a velvety finish. Overall, it's more gourmand than floral, and a simple, wonderful blend. To me, it's the olfactive equivalent of a vanilla soft cone - pure and simple happiness!

Vaniglia comes in EDP (eau de parfum) and oil perfume.