Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The truth only hurts for those of us who believe in it and hold truth as the greatest value, who believe truth is good and therefore valuable, but for those who either don't care or are too illogical to comprehend, truth is meaningless and/or non-existent. The world can say truth is an illusion, all with one common voice, but I know there is truth because it makes sense to me, just as much as I know logic exists. We can't show love except in deeds but I know it exists because it also lives in me, and that love in me says people need truth to feel safe, and to feel safe is to know love. If the world believed heinous crimes were acceptable now because so many people commit them, and we have become desensitized, I still know right from wrong, because my sense of justice doesn't come from "common sense" but from logic which breaks down when truth doesn't compute, and emotion which cries out when logic isn't allowed to function. I know everything is not grey, that some things are plainly black and white, because there must be absolute truth and good or we would have no sense of justice. What would be just or unjust otherwise? What would be the value of mercy if there was nothing to forgive?