Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vogue Italia's All Black July Issue

Vogue Italia has issued an all-black model July issue as a statement against the current trend of using predominantly white models in magazines (this phenomenon was reported on The Glamorous Bee on Friday, April 27, 2007 in "The World's Next Top Models?"). I noticed the trend, too, and put two and two together that it was all part of the Classics trend I've been writing about for some time. It's bad enough the fashion industry is as racist as it is, but if the new trend is to bring more awareness to black beauty while highlighting our DIFFERENCES, it would be a continuation of the on-going racism, not a gesture of good will as it might seem. Why wait for the July issue to make a statement (why not a big month like October?)? Regarding the industry and all who censor thoughts like mine in blogosphere, I have to applaud their tenacious will to believe we will stand by and let the industry control us so gullibly in the 21st century. No, I will not be so easily assimilated to racist thinking as they would like, even under the warm and fuzzy guise of globalization.

Although I can appreciate the attempt by Vogue to bring more attention to dark-skinned beauty, I feel it's better to have different models in each issue rather than feature all in one issue in segregated fashion, thereby bringing to consciousness "ethnic VS standard" beauty, a dangerous, even fascistic, propagation of ideas. Remember how the Nazis propagated the "ideal" beauty through photography and "art"? Displaying images of people in hierarchical format sends out the message of proper order of rank and importance by racial groups (see this link: Who Is Leni Riefenstahl?). We've seen the tactic employed through perfume, subversively dividing us by "class" which is equated with "taste"--now, it's easy to see this is how it's done everywhere else. It would be interesting to see how Vogue and other magazines will follow-up this "special" July issue.

Color awareness is a form of racism while color blindedness sets us free.

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