Thursday, August 14, 2008

Carolina Herrera

This bombshell tuberose-jasmine blend was created in 1988 by Carolina Herrera whose favorite perfume is Robert Piguet Fracas. If you've smelled Fracas, you would understand the similarity in these fragrances because both are very heady, passionate tropical white florals based on tuberose. To compare the two, Fracas is slightly more candied (similar to Versace Blonde or Jo Malone Tuberose) but creamy rich with a hint of peach, whereas Carolina Herrera is greener, a bit more floral and transparent (like Creed Fleurissimo, Oscar de La Renta Volupté, Grès Cabotine or Valentino) and, to my surprise when I first smelled it, way, way muskier with pronounced (and very animalic) jasmine. This is a perfume that's beautiful yet borderline stinky. Although I think it's an awesome fragrance, I'll admit it feels a bit sweaty to me due to the indoles, and so strongly floral, it's a bit "much" even for me sometimes, but on occasion, I get in the mood for it and so I keep a mini on hand. As far as its 1980s strength is concerned, I think it can rival Giorgio (another tuberose-based blend leaning towards Green). Carolina Herrera is known to be a beloved perfume of Angelina Jolie. Not for the faint of heart, it definitely makes a statement.