Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Creed Jasmal

Welcome to the Garden of Eden with this exquisite jasmine from the House of Creed! Jasmal is a light jasmine, as fresh as jasmine tea and yet a bit indolic and musky as a good jasmine is supposed to be. If you love Jean Patou Joy, here is half of the best part of the composition. It leans towards green but it's not at all sharp and astringent, wafting across soft and pure. Jasmal was notoriously created for the lovely Natalie Wood in 1959. Elegantly sweet when worn alone, it sweetens up any Creed fragrance I layer with it (although I wear it solo most often), and my favorite combination is with their absolutely gorgeous rose scent in Creed's Private Collection line, Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare (1890), a very lively and fresh rose with a robust heart and a musky dry down (not to be confused with their other rose scent, Fleurs De Bulgarie (1980), a much heavier, muskier rose). Jasmal is a cheerful smile with a golden touch of Italian daffodil.

Notes on Aromaboutique.com:

Creed Jasmal (1959)

Indian jasmine, Bulgarian rose, Italian daffodil, Florentine iris.

(Image: Photo by William Claxton, Natalie Wood, New York City, 1961)