Friday, September 05, 2008

Ganging Up Against Emo By Moving to Make It Illegal?

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Russia to ban emo and goths,

It's amazing, really...when some poor kid commits suicide, people blame music, their friends or their clothes, but not the sick, narcissistic society in which group think divides people so they can stupidly war against each other, and allow one group (usually the majority which is an attractive group to join for people who are too scared to stand up for themselves) to bully another, as in the case of Emo-hate. Nobody blames the bullies or is willing to fix their twisted "We're better than you because we're strong enough to kick your asses" culture--not in Mexico where Emo-hate has been blamed on a popular TV show some say had incited violence against people who appear to practice aspects of the so-called "Emo" subculture, and apparently not in Russia where they're trying to legislate an actual Emo ban based on their so-called observably factual definitions of what makes someone "Emo"--but they'll try to eradicate a musical genre and an entire subculture they don't even understand before they deal with group hate and mass bullying that the Emo subculture faces every day. Group hate can't be reason enough for people to get depressed, can it? The bullies are right and the victims are wrong - Here we go with blaming victims again, and this time, it's personal because I love all rock music and people should have a right to listen to whatever music they want. I also remember some EMO music and culture was popular in the '80s in Japan and nobody was into suicide because of the music. This is like Ozzy being blamed for one person's suicide because he loved one song about suicide by the recording artist. Please.

Make no mistake. It doesn't matter what country you're in. Being part of a culture is one thing (including so-called mainstream culture); ganging up on a group is another. Cool people know better than to join a gang--any gang, and that's the whole point the bullies all miss, because they're nothing without a gang to back them up. Emo is a so-called (because it's not clearly well-defined--no genre is!!) musical genre that was named as such for marketing purposes. It's like how we classify perfume genres into Chypre or Oriental, even if they're a little of both. The sound is derived from all of the music that came before it that have inspired musicians to write what they write and do what they do, which is to express themselves freely. If Emo sounds like Punk and Goth music, it's because, again, there is no real clear cut line between musical genres any more than people can be divided into neat little groups and never crossover. But try to explain that to people with zero musical understanding or worldly cultural sense, or to violent bullies looking to victimize. Also, keep in mind most people are copying musicians' styles, or more precisely, the stylists' vision (sometimes those stylists are the artists themselves) of how the bands should look. There is no real "look" to go with music except the created images, again, to make music sell. That's why there are stylists, and even they mix and match different styles, borrowing from different bands, eras, etc. And what if they do? They should be able to dress the way they want, too. Imagine going after choreographers for borrowing from ballet and incorporating those moves into their modern jazz-hip hop-tap routine. How stupid is it to turn it into a justification to bully choreographers for breaking tradition for artistic expression?

If Emo means emotional, you'd have to ban ALL music, considering music is an expression of emotion (making instruments WAIL is what it's about, people). You'd have to likewise ban lyrics and books and anything that touches on raw human emotion. We'd have to ban all ROCK MUSIC (sex, drugs and rock n' roll - that means everyone who likes rock does drugs, right?). Listening to any kind of rock is healthy. If the bullies stopped fearing emotion and learned how to cry, take their anger and turn it back into the sadness they attempt to mask, we'd have a peaceful world. It'll take a hell of a lot more than rules to make me stop loving the music I love. How are you going to regulate people's musical taste and fashion sense except by brute force? Lately I've been thinking how Communism and Fascism are pretty much one and the same, like a right jab and a left hook coming from opposite ends of the extreme spectrum, meeting as if in a circle. We have our music-banning bullies here in the US, too, but at least people who appear to enjoy a certain type of music called "Emo" aren't being threatened to be one step away from being genocided into oblivion. "Don't kill yourselves or we'll kill you!"...yeah, really intelligent.

Did it really happen ... " MOCKERS " anyone? - The 60s British Rocker and Ton-Up Movement,