Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jessica Simpson Fancy

Fancy is the name of the new 2008 launch by Parlux for Jessica Simpson. I like the scent - it's a hypersweet vanillic Fruity Floral, and strong, so a little bit will go a long way. It's very rich, like Guerlain My Insolence which smells like Cacharel Gloria, and the richness of it sometimes makes me feel queasy, but I still like the blend. Chanel Allure also comes to mind when it comes to a rich, creamy-fruity-floral-woody smell, but Fancy is way sweeter. Would I buy a bottle? Probably not, because my sample vial should last me forever considering how strong it is, but I think it's the best in the Jessica Simpson line so far, and another one of my favorite launches this year. I didn't like her other scents before (Juicy, Creamy, etc.) - not the scents themselves nor the "edible" concept which I find unappetizing (and on a practical note, I didn't think any of the ones I tried actually tasted good, anyway). But I can respect that people like that kinda stuff. I haven't checked the notes in Fancy yet but I'm getting "sugared strawberries and whipped cream", a vibe one might expect from a fragrance for the bubbly pop singer with the All-American girl-next-door persona. The name "Fancy" sounds very "Southern belle", also predictably true to the concept. However, because I still have in mind the edible perfume launches of the past, I can't help but think of Fancy Feast when I see this perfume. Hurray for sexy kittenish glam, but you know I'll always prefer my own Pink Manhattan Purrfume when it comes to an ace Fruity Floral-Vanillic perfume (please pardon my shameless plug but I am conveniently rationalizing that this is a fragrance genre practically begging for interjection).