Friday, August 15, 2008

Lacoste Dream of Pink

Here's what could be my favorite new launch of 2008 so far: Lacoste Dream of Pink. When I went to Sephora last night, the two I tried that I really liked were Ralph Wild and this one. I think both are berry-based (Now Smell This lists the following notes: sweet red berries, iced tea, lotus flower, rose, sandalwood and musk), but Dream of Pink seems just a bit less sweet when I test them side by side, and slightly drier, with a linen-like note, and maybe a bit sharper/spicier overall. The sillage is a very clean Fruity Floral that reminds me of a Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance in the Incanto series, but with even less obvious musk, which I appreciate. I like this much better than Lacoste Touch of Pink which launched earlier, a fragrance that had some promise but in the end smelled too laundry detergent-like to me. With more well-tempered ingredients, I think Lacoste has perfected the pretty-in-pink Fruity Floral that exudes the feeling of freedom and well-being suggested by their ad campaign. The print ad is a sporty image but the scent itself isn't very "sportif" to me; modern, yes, but rather dainty, yet confident, politely sweet with a dash of cool. The kiss of death to some is that this is the equivalent of a perfect 10 in a popular scent, that one might actually call "nice". Stay far away if you want something odd; this one's a hit on Z100, the theme of a homecoming queen. Dream of Pink is the meeting of Chanel Chance and Juicy Couture with the youthful energy of Roxy.