Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lagniappe Oaks Jazzelle

Argh - half the summer's gone already, and I can't believe how fast! After a day at the pool and an indulgent dinner, there's nothing quite like a rich, chocolaty dessert scent like Lagniappe Oaks Jazzelle. Lagniappe Oaks hails from the famous French Quarter in New Orleans, Lousiana, and this scent, Jazzelle, is a Belgian chocolate blend with cinnamon, rose hips and orange blossom. It is one of the scents in the Jazz Ensemble line, an homage to New Orleans, the home of Jazz. The other scents in the line are Jazmine (spicy jasmine), Jazebelle (white ginger & Butterfly Lily) and Jazz Royale (Oakmoss, Cedar, Sandalwood, South Louisiana's own Vetiver), and they all sound scrumptious but I haven't tested them yet.

Now, I gotta say, New Yorkers love chocolate, and Jazzelle is the ultimate single note chocolate I've ever smelled as a perfume. I might compare it to other chocolates out there such as Chocolovers or New York's Serendipity 3 restaurant's Serendipitous (orange-chocolate with marshmallows to my nose), Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao (Cocoa Puffs - light and fluffy), DSH Piment et Chocolat (spicy, pungent chocolate, kinda like Mexican chicken Mole), Montale Chocolate Greedy (like DSH Piment et Chocolat light, maybe a bit sweeter and more chocolaty), and even my own creation, Persephone New York (blackberry-dark chocolate-amber, Mysore sandalwood and royal purple flowers), but Jazzelle is uniquely focused on rich and dark chocolate, like biting into a dusted truffle and letting it slowly melt in your mouth. I don't detect much else but chocolate but when that's all I'm in the mood for, Jazzelle more than hits the spot.

The dry down is surprisingly sensual, almost rosy-pungent (maybe this is where the rose hip notes come through along with orange blossom) with the alluring skin scent effect of creamy vanilla. It's sinful, decadent, and best of all, it satisfies with zero calories!

From Lagniappe Oakes' website (
Jazzelle Lagniappe Oaks (Provocative & Passionate)
Notes: Orange blossom and rose hips, dusted with cinnamon and then drenched in Belgium chocolate

(Image: Sarah Vaughn (artist unknown)