Monday, August 18, 2008

Roe v. Wade 2008

When Peter denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed, it was clear to me that the teaching here is that people are human, and when we're scared out of our wits, we sometimes make decisions based on such fear. It was also to my understanding that God not only forsees such unfortunate but real human errors but forgives us of human errors we don't have control of. The kind of fear a woman faces when she becomes pregnant is equal to that of facing the cross, a crucifixion of her own where she would taste the fork in the road between life and death. Any man should be grateful to the woman who had him for walking through fire to let him be here. Dare he say to his mother that it was her job to have him. It is a gift to be here, not an entitlement. That woman's fear is the one fear a man can never know because he's not equipped to experience it, and therefore shouldn't have any say about it. That said, is there an excuse for lack of empathy about this? The last faith debate between the candidates has me reeling. There's not much I can comment about the one who's talking like the American taliban with his anti-woman views and desire to force women to give birth, but Obama - e tu? The mental health of a woman isn't a health issue? So, postpartum depression is also just in our pretty little heads, and we should just get over it? How much better is he than Michael Savage who thinks Autism is the cause of bad parenting and bratty kids for saying this? Where is choice where there is talk of force? Think, please - mental health does affect how a woman will physically give birth, how much or less she will suffer, and how she will be affected mentally long after she gives birth if she survives it. It's easy to judge when you're not a woman but it's really not your place to judge one any more than it is anyone's to judge Peter who the Lord forgave. I understand the arguments against pro-choice where the fear of eugenics and growing lack of empathy for human life is concerned, but attempting to force women to labor and give birth against her will is already lack of empathy in its finest hour.

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