Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sung by Alfred Sung

The signature perfume by designer Alfred Sung is a gorgeous white floral on the Green olfactive spectrum. It's elegant, sophisticated, clean and modern, with a sultry wooded base that never overwhelms the delicate composition but enhances its luxurious effect with a touch of warm, musky mystery. I've loved Sung from first sniff since its launch in 1986, and although I don't wear it anymore, it was once a signature of mine, a beloved scent now adored by my mom. I've read some reviews of it being a heady floral, and I think it could be considered one if you're not a fan of white florals, but for those of us who love heady white florals, Sung comes across as a breezy and crisp green scent. If you like Floris Seringa or their Gardenia, Parfums d'Orsay Tilleul, Eau de Givenchy, Jean Patou Vacances, Carolina Herrera 212, Shiseido Relaxing Fragrance or Clarins Elysium, you might also like Sung. Since my mom who has loved Guerlain Mitsouko also loves it, I think there is prominent vetiver as well as some spicy elements in Sung, although I don't particularly think of it as being spicy, but just a bit on the crisp, sharp side. It's what gives it the leafy, natural freshness that uplifts and gives off a vivacious, confident aura. Although it's a light floral composition with lily-of-the-valley being at the forefront, it carries some wooded weight and packs jasmine & tuberose-hearted sillage. As with most perfumes, one or two spritzes will do the job.

A wildly popular scent, Sung is often found in malls and drugstores, with eau de toilettes available from a miniature size up to a huge 3.4 oz., but Sung is a prestige fragrance, also available at select shops in pure parfum form. Sung is a timeless, understated classic from the "more is more" 1980s, and while everything '80s is reborn again (as are skinny jeans which I never gave up on - YAY!!), Sung can effortlessly fit right back into the scene alongside Poison, Tresor, Calyx and all the rest.