Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bronnley White Iris

Bronnley is an English brand known for providing amenities to the luxury hotel market. I would say their quality may be comparable to that of Floris and Caswell-Massey. From soaps to sachets, body colognes and eau de toilettes, Bronnley offers classic fragrances such as Pink Bouquet, Blue Poppy, Lavender, English Fern and the fragrance I'll focus on in this post, White Iris. There are also newer, more modern fragrances available in the line such as Tulip (this is a nice, fresh floral with a touch of fruit) and Apricot Almond (it sounds delicious, doesn't it?).

White Iris is to my nose an Aldehydic Floral in Chanel No.5's vein but of course modified as a much simpler, cleaner, "bath and body" type of scent. It's almost like a cross between, say, No.5, Fresh Mukki and Floris White Rose. It definitely has an old-fashioned appeal, although the lovely, fresh and somewhat heady and sweet floralcy combined with powdery soft aldehydes is attractive to my modern senses. No, it's not quite Chanel No.5 or Guerlain Liu, but it conveys a sophisticated aura at the same time being an easy-to-love, classic English garden floral. Overall, I find in it an understated elegance, the delicate frills of English lace and the austerity of a starched shirt at once, a polished prettiness as one could expect from a fine English fragrance house.

Notes on shoplondons.com:
Bronnley White Iris - orange and bergamot blended with jonquille, geranium, vetiver, sandalwood and rich immortelle

(Image: halcyonday.com)