Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Demeter Junior Mints

Oh, YUM - Demeter Junior Mints!! This is a brand new launch from the off-the-wall fragrance house hailing from the artsy East Village, a little shop in an area where fragrances named "Dirt" (bestseller and a celeb fave including Kate Moss), "Funeral Home", "Lobster", "Turpentine" and "Earthworm" fit right in (edited to add: According to Wikipedia, looks like they are now hailing from the suburbs of New York). How true to the candy is this Junior Mints fragrance? I'd say it's very true, except when I first spritz it on and smell it up close, I get a floral accord. When it dries down, it's all peppermint and sweetened dark chocolate. I'm a lover of mint chocolate chip ice cream and this completely hits the spot, makes life worth living! Maybe I've been craving cool, minty scents, because I also find in my new favorite, Heeley Iris de Nuit, a minty top note. Demeter Junior Mints is a break from the more sophisticated perfumes I tend to love, but sometimes, I need to let my hair down so-to-speak (although my hair is barely long enough to make two little pigtails, a look I sported all summer long while I decide what to do with it next).

Michael Edwards categorizes it as Oriental - Woody Oriental

Notes on Peppermint, Wild Mint, Cocoa Bean, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate