Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kenzo FlowerByKenzo

Flower By Kenzo isn't exactly a flowery perfume, but if you meditated upon it for an extended period, you would discover the floral heart (sweet, delectable fleur d'oranger) lurking beneath the enigmatic surface. If you're familiar with Chanel No.5, the powdery, understated skin scent would probably make more sense to you. Otherwise, Flower can come across as a strange scent. I'll admit it's a scent that grew on me over time. I think it's an exceptionally well done fragrance, especially for a mainstream offering. It doesn't smell like a typical mall scent, yet its global popularity can rival that of Juicy Couture, Angel or Prada. Imagine a scent that borrows the musky floral elements from Cacharel Noa, and the spicy, peppery top notes of Givenchy Hot Couture, finished with a velvet-powdery maquillage touch of Chanel No.5, and perhaps you'll have it. You'll also need some prickly wildflowers, an herbaceous dash of hawthorn in the mix, and now you can understand the imagery of the wild red poppy presented artfully in a preserved flower-motif bottle. The expertise combination of Japanese and Parisian sensibilities is as symbiotic in Kenzo's creations as lacquer and glass.