Sunday, September 14, 2008

Odori Iris

It seems I've been on an iris kick, and here is another new favorite of mine, although it's quite different from my other latest discovery, Heeley Iris de Nuit. To compare the two, the very chic and streamlined Heeley Iris de Nuit is a bolder, woodier iris (think White Tea meets Eau de Cartier just a little), and this soft and powdery sweet iris blend is a Floral Oriental blend of ambery vanillic heliotropic notes and a touch of star anise. I keep thinking I smell lemon and lime in it although they aren't listed notes. At first, Odori Iris reminded me of DSH Celadon: a Velvet Green, but then I discovered the star anise and thought the overall composition was a bit like Armani Code but softer and simpler. I am wild about this Odori Iris, and might put it on the holiday wish list, possibly bypassing Cuir Beluga and a few other things I'd been planning to get and still haven't. (Edited to add) It's a great scent but very faint...I need to test it a few more times before deciding.

Odori Iris (2008)
Notes on Lucky Scent:
Star anise, heliotrope flowers, Madagascar ylang ylang, iris from Florence, oriental amber, bourbon vanilla