Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sexism Returns to Cable TV News

For all of the male anchors asking on cable TV news if abortion is *all* women care about: If caring about having reproductive choice, or women's rights (which are human rights because I am an actual woman and a human being), is such a trifle thing for women to be concerned about, then why won't the fervent passion to undo Roe v. Wade get trivialized on the networks just as well? The undoing of Roe v. Wade is no small matter to women in South Dakota and Lousiana where they are ready for the day when they can make abortion illegal in all cases, just as Gov. Palin would have for the entire nation. Is forcible pregnancy all I care about - a life or death situation involving great pain for our bodies and minds, not yours? What an offensive, loaded line of questioning it really is. They might as well ask if witnessing for God by using children with disabilities as posterchildren for anti-choice is all religious people care about. Let's not let TV shows, even MSNBC, get under our skins and make us feel powerless and small. Contrary to popular belief, how humans feel matters just as well as how humans think and rationalize. And yes, it's something we care about deeply, and yes, we also care about the economy, education and innocent civilians being killed in war and a slew of other pesky little issues.