Sunday, October 05, 2008

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

Nope, not a fave, but it was among the new launches I tried recently that I thought was OK. It was, like Harajuku Lovers OK. It's billed as a Floral, but this is a more Oriental-Gourmand blend than Juicy Couture's first launch. I like the berries in the blend very much. I like the sweet notes of caramel and pralines cut by airiness, making it a light, daytime-friendly Gourmand with a hint of floral. I don't like the synthetic aspect of it that makes it smell a bit like dishwashing liquid. I don't like the generic and now incredibly redundant patchouli base that makes it smell like any other mall scent alongside Bagley Mischka and Betsey Johnson. Still, if you decide to go fragrance sniffing, try this one, as it might leave you pleasantly surprised. One more thing: I don't think the childish graffiti font they used for this fragrance is cool or lovely in the least, but the hot pink ribbon on the bottle is kind of cute and girly in a retro Fracas or Schiaparelli way. Pink's all right with me, even if we're talking about the slightly tacky pink Cadillac of scents.

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