Saturday, November 08, 2008

Chanel N°5 Eau Première

I dig Michelle Obama, and I think the tailored Jackie O. style fits her very well. She also wears more relaxed, casual styles with natural ease, which is refreshing. I particularly think she wears neutrals strikingly - perhaps I could see her in the little black dress with pearls, a crisp white dress or a textured cream Chanel suit. I loved the pink tweed suit she once wore, and the famous black-and-white sundress she wore for TV which was a perfect match to her statuesque figure. She rocks the houndstooth. I wonder what perfume she wears. If her style is a cross between Jackie O. and Hillary Clinton's styles as people say, do you suppose she'd wear a scent that's somewhere between the rich, sweet Florals and ambery Orientals worn by Jackie O. (along the lines of Joy, Fleurissimo, Valentino (original), Jil Sander No.4) and the breezy, uncomplicated scents reportedly worn by Sen. Clinton (Caswell-Massey Number Six, William Owen Adoration)?

I've also read that Jackie O. wore No.5. If I were to "assign" a perfume to Michelle Obama, I might pick the classic yet new Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere. I had a chance to try it on at Sephora last night, and I thought it was exquisite; it's very similar to the original No.5 for sure, an abstract floral-powdery scent, but the new version is less woodsy to my nose. I don't think it lasted as well on me as the original, but the scent being less base-heavy smelled more luminous, and equally elegant. If you like Aldehydic Florals, try this version of No.5 - I personally prefer the spray over the Sensual Elixir gel, but you have a choice here between the two modes of fragrance.