Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gay Marriage vs. Miscegenation: Something to Think About

Check out this interesting link made between anti-gay marriage laws and miscegenation laws that once prohibited interracial marriage in the US: Brief History of Marriage Meddling in the United States,

I feel that Proposition 8 has not only reinforced a sad stigma against gay and lesbian people but that it's torn apart unions that were legal just yesterday in a way that is as insensitive and cruel as in the biblical days of Ezra (you might appreciate how he separated marital unions, and children from their parents, in an effort to cleanse the race of impurity - that's if such merciless measures sound godly to you). As many people I know, I've morally wrestled with the topic of homosexuality, but today, I've come to the understanding that if my own children turned out to be gay, I would love them, accept them, and would not want them to be prejudiced against for having been born perfect in His eyes just as they are. I've come to the conclusion there's too much we don't understand about sexuality to judge. I do not see the right of gay couples to marry as a sin. Furthermore, I know gay couples can be as decent parents as any straight couple can. Prop 8: Let no man put asunder what G-d has brought together...especially if you're meddling in marriages of people you don't even know.

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