Saturday, November 29, 2008

Le Cherche Midi

My idea of the best stocking stuffer is the little golden pouch filled with sample spray glass vials of Le Cherche Midi fragrances! I got mine as an early holiday gift for myself - $12 for 6 generous samples at These are room fragrances that are skin safe. I must say these smell terrific as room scents, and also worn on skin which is important to me since I am a perfumista. These fragrances are simple and very well-composed blends, and I think they should have wide appeal.

Here are my brief thoughts on each:

01: The signature fragrance by Le Cherche Midi is a light, lemony lavender blend, herbaceous, a bit sporty-aqueous, like a men's fragrance, or the top notes of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche but not as sweet. I like it, but I gave this one to Fred and he likes it even more.

05: Green - If you like GAP Grass or Marc Jacobs Grass, this is a less sweet option that's plenty grassy. It's not too aggressively pine-y, and not as laundry detergenty (synthetic) as I'd expected, either.

09: Oh, wow - a warm, yummy ambery-vanillic musk. This one is the plushest, richest and sweetest scent of the line, a sensual, slightly spicy Oriental blend. It almost has a leathery, finely powdered finish. LOVE. I think I can skip buying Guerlain Cuir Beluga for now.

14: I once blended mandarin orange, rose oil and green notes for a friend, called it Aphrodite and never did anything with it after that. This smells very similar to it, and it's among my favorites in the collection. It's such a beautiful, refreshing Fruity Floral, mildly sweet, an unabashedly happy scent.

20: Base notes of cedar, sandalwood and leather make this the heaviest, darkest blend within the collection, but the concentration is light enough that it's not too strong, and not overwhelmingly "auto body shop" rubbery (like, say, Alan Cumming's fragrance which was interesting but unwearable for me). It's a bit sweet due to the cedar.

21: This is the red hot spicy one in the bunch. Cardamom, saffron and leather are the listed notes but I get cinnamon sticks when I smell it. Berries are mentioned, too, but I smell none. Fred can't smell this one at all for some reason, but says he can feel it tingling his nose.

Happy online shopping!