Thursday, November 06, 2008

Linari Eau de Parfum

I bought two sets of vial samples in boxes because the German store that carries them had a minimum order to ship to the US. I've opened one box and tried 3 out of 4 samples. I love the bottles these scents come in so much, I might end up getting one for display. Then again, I might stick with the mainstream perfumes that they remind me of, as thy're easier to find.

Linari Eleganza Luminosa, probably my favorite of the bunch, immediately reminded me of Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight (citrus fruits, rich white florals and patchouli), Angelo Di Fiume of Cacharel Gloria or Guerlain My Insolence (rose, berry fruits and patchouli), and Notte Bianca vaguely of Bulgari Black (gingery-sharp, spicy top notes with an overall linear, leathery feel - I should also mention it's fairly aqueous). Samples are available at