Monday, November 03, 2008

Nov. 4th

Giorgio Beverly Hills Red (1989): Aldehydic Floral, a complex, sexy blend of powdery notes, tuberose, spicy carnation, osmanthus, Oriental and Chypre, a once-favorite of mine and now an American classic, Red was marketed as the softer side of Giorgio with the slogan, "Red was never so soft". Blended by the perfumer who made Henry Dunay Sabi, the word "rich" comes to mind when I smell this potent elixir of more than 600 notes.

Comme des Garçons White (1997) by Rei Kawakubo is to my nose the spicier, orange-cinnamony version of the Original Comme des Garçons fragrance. The listed notes don't sound this way but it's a heavy incensey scent like the first one, though it somehow resonates as slick and modern to match the cool bottle design. It's marketed as the essence of purity, lightness and brightness. I suppose it can be compared to an interval of low notes on the piano played mezzopiano. Simplicity is key.

I've never liked Penhaligon's Bluebell (parfum in 1978, EDT in 1985) because to me, it smells animalic and almost gasoline-like noxious, but it's a notorious favorite of Kate Moss and a Green Floral classic. Hyacinth can be a challenging note being so green and yet so hypersweet. Bluebell is the timeless soliflore beauty - complete with roots and stems - you'll find true to the flower and extraordinarily intriguing for such a high-pitched, seemingly delicate scent.

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