Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Une Fleur de Chanel

Regardless of politics, I've always thought First Lady Laura Bush came across as a gracious and lovely lady in the public eye. I might actually miss her beautiful face and understated, classy style when the Bushes leave office. I loved the brown dress with a wine red sheen she wore to greet the Obamas at the White House yesterday. What perfume would I "assign" to her if I were her scent stylist? I haven't heard much about the perfume Laura Bush wears, except that the first bottle of Creed Love in White (2005), a Floral Oriental blend featuring rose and magnolia, was given to her.

To borrow the rose-magnolia theme, I don't know of any other predominantly rose-magnolia blends offhand besides Love In White and perhaps Chane Allure (although that one has many other notes and smells more peachy-vanllic rosy to me), so I might hypothetically assign to Laura Bush the little-known limited edition scent, Une Fleur de Chanel. Jasmine and green notes are the official notes given for this crisp Green Floral created in 1998. It's a camellia-inspired scent, and I can see how it might compare to Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Eau de Camélia Chinois, to a point. Un Amour de Patou by Jean Patou, a perfume I love, was created in the same year (1998), and stylistically, both are rose-jasmine on the Green spectrum but to me, Une Fleur de Chanel is quite different; I would say it's the simpler and sharper of the two. It's white floral enough that it could be perceived as a magnolia, or peony blend, but it's sharpened by lots of green. It has a watery-transparent, fresh floralcy coupled with the traditional heart of rose, making it smell more contemporary than classic. It registers to me as a soliflore, unobtrusive enough that one might choose it for teatime. The only other perfume I felt it reminded me of was Antonia's Flowers (1985).

An unobtrusive, restrained soliflore perfume can also register as boring and unspontaneous, without passion and sex appeal. Although Une Fleur isn't the style of perfume I usually like, I think such a clean and unintimidating scent would suit the First Lady well. As the name suggests, Une Fleur is as floral as can be. It can register as a classy scent being a disciplined one. However, truth be told, I don't care for the aqueous nature of it and would rather wear the sweeter, more lush, less sharp Chanel Gardenia myself, so maybe I should be kind and assign the one I prefer to Mrs. Bush instead. I look forward to Jan. 20, 2009, but do wish her well.

(Image: www.ambre.ru)