Thursday, December 11, 2008

Britney Spears Curious

Am I the only one who's looking forward to the new launch by Elizabeth Arden for Britney Spears, Hidden Fantasy? It was supposed to come out this month but it appears the date's been pushed back to sometime in January. I've heard it's a cherry vanilla, which doesn't excite me too much considering cherry always smells strong and spicy to me, sort of like an almond or heliotrope scent, but I also heard through the grapevine it smells like a strawberry Frappucino scent - and that absolutely makes me want to buy it unsniffed. In the meantime, I thought I'd comment about Britney's first launch, Curious, also by Elizabeth Arden, a perfume I did buy unsniffed and didn't regret (I got the second one, Fantasy, unsniffed as well, and although at first it smelled to me like hypersweet armpit BO, it eventually grew on me and now I love it).

Curious is a musky floral. It's not a powdery white musk scent, the typical "clean" accord a la Gendarme, Clean, etc. but a more daringly sweaty musk, a combination of many different musks. It doesn't go into the dirty, pungent realm, either, like Alexander McQueen Kingdom or Kiehl's Musk, but it's sweaty enough that I wouldn't recommend it for the office. Have you smelled Rimmel London Glam? The musk in that one's in the same ballpark. The musk is coupled with a lovely and sweet, fresh and green (but white floral) magnolia note - voluptuous and transparent, dewy and pretty. I sense there is a fruit note somewhere in this but overall, it's mostly Floral, and yet it's abstract enough it doesn't smell like a bouquet of old-fashioned flowers. One part southern belle, another part Fosse dancing queen (after a long rehearsal), Curious is soft and ethereally seductive. It's not too light, nor too heavy (although musk is a heavy note, the simplicity and freshness of this blend (arrangement) make it seem lighter); it's mainstream-friendly and easy to like. It's the essence of an American Pop Star, just as I'd expected but better in quality.

I must mention too that the miniature version is adorable and comes with the little pink heart plastic charms just like the full size bottles.

I'll report back when I try Hidden Fantasy, coming soon.