Thursday, December 11, 2008

Creative Scentualization Perfect Nectar

I have this in oil perfume and it's wonderful. If you like bright citrus scents with a white floral heart, you'll love this. It gets complimented on, too. I've been in an orange mood which I guess is timely considering the Japanese traditionally take the famous yuzu bath on December 22, a ritual to ring in the Winter Solstice...not that I've ever practiced this ritual myself. Yuzu floating in a hot bath is said to invigorate and warm the body, thereby warding away colds for the rest of the year. I'm not very traditional and my instinct is to stick to perfuming on a whim, but bathing for additional health benefits sounds good.

My winter 2008 love is the mandarin orange & rose blend, Le Cherche Midi 14, and this Fruity Floral beauty is a good alternative for those days when I want a little more spunky tartness in a scent. It's very juicy (papaya, mango, all those intense tropical red fruits) in the vein of an Escada summer LE scent but to me, it's a little bit less hypersweet, just the right level of fruit punch for my taste. If you want straight citrus without all the sweet fruit juice and white florals, Sarah Horowitz of Creative Scentualization also offers the delicious Blood Orange note as part of the Perfumer's Pallete Single Note Fragrances collection. This is a great, funky, imaginative indie line - check out the Perfect series including the powdery-vanillic-musky Perfect Veil which has a cult following.

As a side note here, if you're looking for a good yuzu perfume, try Ayala Moriel Tamya. Season's Greetings and Happy Winter Solstice!

Notes on
Creative Scentualization Perfect Nectar: Tangerine and Blood Orange, followed by notes of Papaya and Mango, a middle note of Ylang-Ylang and Green Tea, resting gently on a base note of soft white Flowers.