Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Creed Green Irish Tweed

I've been focused on soon-to-be First Lady Michelle Obama for the past few posts but let's talk about the next president, Barack Obama now. What kind of fragrance do we fancy him wearing? He seems to me cool, erudite and handsome enough to pass for James Bond. I want to style him in a refined British fragrance like Creed Green Irish Tweed. This is a fabulous classic scent with almost a 1970s Ralph Lauren-type of vibe: easy-going, outdoorsy and down-to-earth. Many famous celebrities are associated with it from Cary Grant to Quincy Jones. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is also known to wear this cross gender fragrance. If anyone knows the scent of Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel (1976) or Christian Dior Fahrenheit (1988), I think this is similar to them but distinctly Creed. It's very high in quality, and being a strong fragrance, it packs serious sillage, but it wears in an airy fashion with just the right level of freshness without seeming overtly aqueous and sporty. I love this fragrance company and although I don't personally wear this particular scent, I find it very charming, like an herbaceous forest scent embedded in a tweed blazer. As its name suggests, it is a green composition with violet leaves giving it a somewhat sharp character. It just seems to go so well with my idealized image of a man in a suit, and what a suit the next pres needs to fill.

Notes according to Basenotes:
Creed Green Irish Tweed (1985)
Top Notes: Lemon, Verbena
Middle Notes: Iris, Violet Leaves
Base Notes: Mysore Sandalwood, Ambergris

Compare the notes to Grey Flannel:
Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel (1976)
Top Notes: Violet, Lemon, Orange
Middle Notes: Oakmoss
Base Notes: Sandalwood