Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fred Hayman Hollywood

I was wracking my brain trying to remember which perfume Jessica Simpson Fancy reminded me of, and I finally got it: Fred Hayman Hollywood. This sunny, sexy Floral Oriental with vanillic woody notes accented by white florals and soft, fruity touches was also made by Parlux, the maker of Fancy. It came out in 1998, in the same year as Escada Collection and Emporio Armani, just a year after Carolina Herrera 212 and Shiseido Relaxing Fragrance, so you can imagine the type of sillage-driven, airy and dry, woody-musky base Hollywood is built upon. Dressed up with mandarin, gardenia, mimosa, rose, moss and ambery woods, Hollywood smells to me like golden peaches-and-cream. (Edited to add) Hollywood is decidedly more flowery than Fancy, just to let you know where the similarity ends.

Fred Hayman was co-partners with Gale Hayman as the creators of Giorgio Beverly Hills. All of their perfumes have the same glamorous LA vibe (although the entrepreneurs themselves were New Yorkers) captured and made legendary by their 1982 indie megahit wonder, Giorgio perfume. Other popular Giorgio Beverly Hills/ Gale Hayman / Fred Hayman creations include: Red, 273, Touch, Delicious, Wings, "G" and Sunset Boulevard.