Sunday, December 14, 2008

Victoria's Secret Riviera Sun

While researching the many myths of Persephone, I stumbled upon very interesting writings regarding the story of Jesus in the New Testament Gospel being an Astrological Allegory, moving us through the year in the life of the Sun from astrological sign to sign, including resurrection ((re)birth of of the sun?) after 3 days of darkness (during the Winter Solstice starting on December 22, the shortest day of the year). Maybe not so far fetched considering the Magi were astrologers, and how we observe the Sabbath on Sunday. I must admit the part that made me LOL the most was the interpretation that Lucifer is Venus, an inferior "morning star" to the Sun, which of course makes the woman the cause of evil once again. Typical misogynistic perspective, I thought. Anyway, I can take spiritual things with a lightness of heart and a sense of fun, trying to see it all though the eyes of a child. It's just another alternative way of understanding the spiritual messages of the timeless writings, and I was delighted to find such interpretations. Creativity keeps the world going, and it continues to inspire and give me joy of living, gratitude for the love we feel between living beings...all what it's about. So, however you celebrate this time of year, I wish you Happy Holidays from the heart, in spirit and in truth. May you be blessed in the coming year with the greatest gifts - faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these according to this religion of the one the Japanese call Ies (IHS monogram is an abbreviation of Jesus' name in Greek) which sounds like the word Yes - is Love - because Love is all we need, just as The Beatles sang, and all the hipsters before them knew. Oh, yes, they did, and deep down, we do, too.

Maybe it's no coincidence that I'm drawn to bright, happy scents right about now; every year during Christmas and Chanukah the Festival of Lights, I wear Victoria's Secret Riviera Sun for two reasons: one, it smells terrific (and I wish it was never discontinued), and two, it was a gift from a friend I made at a wonderful, lively and spirited church. I have treasured it for years, although I'm down to the last drops of it now. The scent is similar to the scent I recently discovered and fell in love with called Le Cherche Midi Fragrance Mist 14, a blend of mandarin and rose with green notes such as blackcurrant leaves. Although I've never seen the notes for Riviera Sun (part of the Garden series), I believe it to be a citrus-rose mix, a Floral with Green characteristics. It's a clean shampoo-like smell, a bit reminiscent of green apple - sprightly and refreshing, but it's also tenderly sweet and not a biting, bracing scent (I sense white florals being there, too - perhaps narcissus or some other spring flowers). It smells like the sun warming the meadow in time for Easter, the resurrection of the living things upon the Earth. It smells like the sun itself, warming my skin like celestial kisses, and I miss it and am so grateful for when it arrives again after it's been gone for so long.

(Image: Leonardo da Vinci, Vitruvian Man)