Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chanel Allure

Chanel Allure (1996) is a very popular perfume worldwide, so most of you have probably smelled it at one point or another. If you have flown anywhere, you probably bought it duty free for a relative or friend as a gift; chances are, someone in your family adores it as her signature. It's an easy perfume to love, a warm and sensual, down-to-earth melange of rose, vanilla, woods (vetiver) and soft fruits (mandarin orange, although the effect in combination with the other notes to me is that of peaches and cream). If you've liked other rose-vanilla blends in the orange-peach spectrum such as Lancome Tresor or Adrienne Vittadini, you might like Allure, less musky than Tresor but an equally romantic comfort scent (I associate rose with romance or a traditional femininity, and vanilla with comfort). There were various ads for the Allure campaign, many of which featured not only famous models but beautiful ordinary women, sending the message that Allure was meant for the mainstream consumer in a broad demographic range (although it seems Allure was designed for a more mature crowd than, say, Chance - not that it matters since I wear what I like). Allure is a soft composition but concentration-wise can be strong (it's a rich, heavyish scent), so for me, the EDT does fine, but you might prefer EDP, or parfum in discreet amounts.

(Images: Parfum de Pub)