Sunday, January 11, 2009

Demeter Strawberry Ice Cream

Demeter Strawberry Ice Cream is the scent of pure nostalgia for me, from the shiny, scented liquid roll-on lip glosses to Strawberry Pocky. I do get a sweet, somewhat creamy vanillic base in this cologne, so I'll give it the seal of approval for it to be called Strawberry Ice Cream. It has a lively candied fruity note while being toffee-sweet. It's not a musky scent but straightforward and innocent in its vanillic goodness. Demeter cologne sprays are known for their fast disappearing act, but this scent is strong for cologne concentration, and has good lasting power. I can't do a whole spritz of this scent or it's too powerful, so my small decant, which I'm using like pure parfum, dabbing one dot at a time, should last me awhile. The cologne itself has a fairly dark red tint in it. Simple, jubilant, absolutely yummy...the timeless inner girl in me rejoices each time I smell it.