Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gucci Rush

Even before the birth of Agent Provocateur (2000), there was a Chypre on the scene that was very popular, and yet most people didn't think of it as being one; Gucci Rush (1999), a FiFi Award winning patchouli-based spicy scent with a heart of gardenia, was getting some limelight alongside Clinique Happy and Christian Dior J'Adore, all launched in the same year. To be precise, its olfactive family is Fruity Chypre, although it doesn't smell all that fruity, nor mossy-woody to me. Spiced milk is how I might describe it. When I first smelled it, I thought it was a unique, well-arranged (or blended as we say) scent, milky but still spicy like cinnamon or carnation, and simultaneously woody although not particularly patchouli-heavy to my nose, and even a touch floral-green and fresh, though not what I'd call aqueous. It smelled fabulously sexy and modern when I tested it at Sephora, and I remember standing on a long line during the Christmas rush to buy it, only to be told by an irate salesperson that I was lucky I chose Gucci Rush because she liked that scent and that was the only reason she would bother giftwrapping it for me. I love New York but maybe not always. I never did get a proper gift box but I thanked her for her generosity anyway...I mean, what can you do when it's just too darn comical?

Sephora lists these notes:
Gucci Rush (1999) - Gardenia, Freesia, Jasmine, Vanilla, Patchouli

Other lists of notes I've found have included peach, vetiver, coriander, cardamom and musk among other notes.