Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jil Sander Sun

Jil Sander Sun (1989) has a rich, musky woody-vanillic-ambery base coupled with a full floral heart, characteristic of fragrances of its time period and comparable to Liz Claiborne, Cacharel Lou Lou, Versace White Jeans and Lagerfeld Sun, Moon and Stars. I'd bought a mini of it some years ago and never used it, but then, this winter, I suddenly found myself liking it enough to wear. I would describe it as a rich Floral Oriental with a creamy character, not far from the white floral-amber-heavy cream-feeling of Cacharel Anais Anais, but with an added spicy woody edge as found in Versace White Jeans, just softer, not as Chypre, and less dramatic, not as carnation-spicy. I'm quite certain all of these fragrances were greatly influenced by Christian Dior Poison, because they are robust powerfloral Oriental types. Jil Sander Sun is, as the name suggests, an optimistic-smelling composition brimming with spring flowers, as deliciously golden as a narcissus flower. It's decadent and strong in its seductive floralcy of white flowers (jasmine, orange blossom), green and indolic lily-of-the-valley and the ever-present charismatic rose, but minimalist and future-forward in its pre-Cashmere Mist "skin scent" woody-vanillic-musky arrangement. What a warm and sweet scent to be worn in the sun; it must have been Jean Patou Chaldée in another life.

Notes from Fragrance X:
Jil Sander Sun (1989) - A Warm Floral Aroma For Women With Green And Fruity Notes. Top Notes: Bergamot, Rosewood
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley, Rose, Orange Blossom
Base Nottes: Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla