Sunday, January 11, 2009

L’Eau Diptyque

Back when I used to read Allure magazine (in the Kevin Aucoin days), this scent was introduced as a Shalom Harlow favorite. When I'd read that L'Eau Diptyque was based on a potpourri recipe from the 16th century, I knew I had to try it. L'Eau is probably my favorite in the niche line of simple but well-composed blends. They've got nice-looking bottles, too; I like how they're marketed with an attractive, streamlined gothic image. The notes listed in L'Eau are cinnamon, geranium, sandalwood, rose, cloves. To me, it smells like Christmas potpourri but better: a slightly medicinal (probably due to the herbaceous aspect of it) yet wearable and refined cinnamon-and-clove scent. Carnation is a clove-like scent in perfume, so you can bet on it being thoroughly spicy. It's not sweet at all but a dark, mysterious woodsy-aromatic blend made light, sheer and outdoorsy-fresh, intelligently modernized so you don't smell too medieval.

According to Basenotes, L'Eau Diptyque was created in 1968.

Other scents I like by Diptyque are Ofresia (a sweet, simple freesia soliflore) and L'Ombre dans L'Eau (a slightly sharp and bitter, green rose blend).