Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sean John Unforgivable

I liked the Women's version of Unforgivable, which, to my nose, was similar to Usher She, which I had described as a pale version of the discontinued Amouage Ubar, an unforgivably dramatic, musky heavyweight of a Perfume. Now, I've had the chance to try the Men's Unforgivable, and it's a great scent, too - musky as well but much, much lighter and sheerer than the Women's, and very much like Creed Silver Mountain Water, a crisp, airy blend with a distinctly musky, aqueous and herbaceous character. As a woman who loves Silver Mountain Water on a man and for herself to wear, I also find Unforgivable for Men pleasantly wearable. The dry down stage is a bit on the acidic, aftershave-y side compared to the Creed creation, but I would still vote Sean John Unforgivable the Best Celeb Fragrance for Men if I ever were to award one as such on Pink Manhattan blog.