Monday, January 26, 2009

Strike Two for Ratzy

German Jews condemn pope move over Holocaust denier, Reuters, Mon Jan 26, 2009

Remember the German Pope who brought back the old Latin mass despite breaking an agreement made with the Jewish community back in the 1960s to pull out inflammatory language from it for the sake of peace, to prove some point about the need to get back to the classic traditional mass, to bring back the use of Latin or the musical style, blah blah (as if one point has anything to do with the other)? Ratzy decides to throw more fuel to the fire and throw us back to the age old war between Romans and Jews (66-70 CE) by welcoming back into the church a bishop who denies the Holocaust. So Pope Benedict was never a real Nazi? I guess all this hate creates a nice diversion from the pedophilia problem the Roman Catholic church has. I doubt anyone will forget those crimes which have yet to be paid for, though!