Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jil Sander Style


Jil Sander Style is a great fragrance although it's not too widely known here in the US. Imagine a less aqueous, less patchouli-heavy, more sophisticated version of Vera Wang Princess and you're just about there. Add to that description a refined, smooth opaque-creamy powdery woodsy-milky-silky vanillic floralcy and you've got the essence of Style. Another way I'd describe it is to say it smells like Jil Sander Sun but modernized, and powdery in an airy, fluffy way. It's quite sweet, leaning towards Gourmand, but as modern and easy to wear as a Jil Sander creation ought to be. There's nothing in this composition to distract from the simple goodness of it - the simplicity, purity of form, which gives it the beauty and sophistication. The oakmoss-iris combination gives it a subtle nuance of Aldehydic Floral, very retro chic and cool. To me, this is a work of olfactive art, mainstream offering notwithstanding. The fragrance comes in the most gorgeous Bauhaus-inspired flacon, worthy of display.

(Edited to add): I retried this on a warmer day, and thought the opening smelled a bit limey-woody, sort of like Dior Addict. It mellows and gets creamier with wear but I thought I'd mention the new discovery.

Jil Sander Style (2006)
Basenotes lists these notes:
Top Notes: Freesia, Mango, Cardamom, Pink pepper
Middle Notes: Violets, Magnolia, Iris, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Oakmoss