Friday, February 20, 2009

Paul Smith London

If you ever wished you could find a similar fragrance to Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Hot or Kate Moss by Kate Moss but a bit deeper, you’ve found your match in Paul Smith London. Housed in an ultramod alchemical bottle in the most mysterious red-purple hue (somewhere between fuchsia and wine, redder than magenta and pinker than burgundy, perhaps mulberry), London speaks volumes about urbane sensuality mixed with semi-vintage charm, with a touch of wickedly juicy Fruity Floral vivacity to candify (make candy-sweet) and bring futuristic sleekness to the warm and sweet, powdery-ambery woody Oriental finish. The primary notes I pick up are rose, fruits and flowers (including white florals) and a rich and round, though subtle, musky base. I would classify it as a Floral or Fruity Floral rather than Floral Oriental though it smells like a crossover. It’s not a spicy blend per se but my nose picks up on a sprinkling of spices in the top notes, just to keep things exciting. If you’re looking for a fairly light Fruity Floral with some depth and a saucy, slightly surrealist edge, try this. It's not listed on Paul Smith's website, so my guess is it's discontinued.

The lists the following notes:
Paul Smith London (2004)

Top notes: Lime, lilac, neroli, anise
Heart notes: Patchouli, jasmine
Base notes: Vanilla, heliotrope

"A soft, sultry and voluptuous fragrance

"With naturally bitter note of neroli and vanilla to soften the bouquet

"Paul's key note? Patchouli, it reminds me of my youth, of gorgeous girls wafting past in clouds of patchouli at Kensington Market.

"While fresh seringa maintains a modern zappy-happiness!"