Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vera Wang Look

I'll keep it short and sweet; the new fragrance by Vera Wang named Look is the love child between Clinique Happy and Marc Jacobs Daisy. I liked it at first sniff, when I could pick up the orange (mandarin) notes with a clear, light white floral heart, some uplifting green notes in the mix, and a very subtle base, keeping this fragrance in the Floral family of scents. If I still loved aqueous perfumes today, as I had once loved Happy with what seemed at the time like an undying passion, I'd wear Look, but it's just a tad too sporty as well as flowery for me (in much the same way Daisy was). Still, I highly recommend it as one of the nicest new mainstream launches in recent times - up there with Daisy which I also like very much.