Friday, March 20, 2009


I've been called a bitch when I've backed someone in a corner to get them to back up their side of an argument that they couldn't. I thought maybe it was my strong Feeling function that made me too emotional when I was backing up my side of the argument, but I realize now that it could also have been my strong Thinking function that wanted to win the argument in a just, fair manner, by actually winning the argument by being able to back it up with convincing ideas, which I did. If someone thinks I'm a bitch because I'm a better debater, tough. Maybe it's because I have the better argument to begin with. I'm starting to think I'm an INTJ and not an INFJ after all, since I won't back down just for the sake of maintaining harmonious relationships. I don't feel the need to appease someone just because he thnks nothing of bullying me into changing the game that he knows he started and lost. If he hates it so much, he should learn to become more thick-skinned and debate well, instead of crying foul or resorting to name-calling like a sore loser. He's the type of insecure guy who'll escalate towards more verbal abuse from the starting point where that descriptive word, "bitch", came from. Next thing you know, this misogynist will be telling you to shut up. My advise if you know a guy like this? Avoid. Spare yourself the misery and save your energy for a real man out there who relaxes in the face of your love of mental sparring.

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