Saturday, March 14, 2009

More thoughts from an INFJ...not INTJ...Female

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I've been visited by an MBTI angel through Facebook who has clarified Myers Briggs for me. As he explained it to me, "Myers Briggs Types are based on the order in which we use our cognitive processes, not the effectiveness of them. When these processes conflict, we usually choose the one with the higher priority". Order - priority under pressure = true core personality - gotcha, makes sense! So, I proceeded to search for clear definitions of the functions themselves, and voila - check out the Jungian Function Theory!! I've never fully comprehended the 8 functions (extroverted sensing, introverted feeling, etc) so I could never assess myself without the use of ready-made tests, but now that the functions are laid out before me, I could see which functions I'm most comfortable with, which ones resonate with "me". I can almost begin to see the people around me and why they think as they do, a new understanding which I'm grateful for. My MBTI mentor-angel person says, based on the little bit I've written back to him regarding my current thoughts on being an INxJ, that I'm INFJ, not INTJ. He says he hears in me Ni - Fe followed by Ti - Se. He may be onto the truth I've been looking for! However, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I took three different tests today and came up ESTJ, INTP and ENFP/ENFJ. Also, I'm still coming up INTJ on two other tests I took recently. He explained: "Having a well developed mind makes it difficult to pin down a type with these tests because they are based on the assumption that the more a function is used the better developed it must be, and do not factor in learning plateaus which eventually cause functions to level out at the individual's capacity. The trick is to figure out the order in which your mind prefers to use them."

I know that when I'm in argumentative mode, my logic (for better or worse - there is such thing as being so overrational you're being irrational) kicks in and becomes more linear, acutely aware of things like order of sequence. It drives me nuts when someone bends logic to suit an emotional argument. I thought that was a Te function, but on the other hand, I am not always a cool and emotionally detached person, either, and care pretty deeply about the world at large from a humanitarian standpoint, very Fe of me. So, I'm about 97% convinced I'm more Idealist than Rational but still questioning. I'm going to study these 8 functions and get back to ya when I have more clarity, hopefully soon.

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