Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vera Wang Rock Princess (2009)

Rock Princess (2009), the new launch by Vera Wang is described as a dark Fruity Floral evocative of downtown East Village, except it's not the most original idea but a spinoff of the hit fragrance Vera Wang Princess (2006) which featured fruits, flowers, forbidden woods, musk and dark chocolate. Of course I was intrigued when I'd heard it would be a dark Fruity Floral because (and I'll try to put it humbly but can't promise) my own rockin' indie perfume creation (no longer produced) which I launched at a gig at a rock club, called Unreleased Mix aka Persephone (New York, 2006) was a dark Fruity Floral (Oriental) featuring royal purple flowers, pomegranate, natural Mysore sandalwood CO2 and dark chocolate, all notes I love, in a combination I find appealing. The limited edition Rock Princess also features fruits and flowers on a sweet, woody-vanillic-musk base, but compared to the original Princess smells to my nose woodier and more powdery, more of a woody Floral Oriental scent with fruit notes rather than like a straight Fruity Floral if you ask me. It smells like the love child between Princess, Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, Chloé by Chloé (the newer one), Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Bath & Body Works Blackberry Amber and Chocolate Amber body sprays among other familiar fragrances. Overall, it smells like a typical patchouli-based fruity scent: sweet and a little bit dusty due to the wood notes combined with a flowery heart. Personally, like I said, I'd categorize it as another Floral Oriental gourmand, but the amplified floral heart might seem more "Floral" to some.

Let's begin by analyzing the fruit notes in Rock Princess. When I first sprayed it, I instantly got the blueberry-melon (maybe pikake) smell of Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. This is a very fruit-focused scent, and I'd describe it as tangy and juicy. Then, it quickly turned powdery sweet and woody-dusty, sort of like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb or Chanel Allure Sensuelle, all the while with the fruits and flowers getting more heady and intense. Rock Princess also has a rich floral heart, giving it a sort of '80s vibe. Throughout the dry down, I get the typical patchouli base in so many fragrances out there. The patchouli base I can smell in the original Princess is backed up by some kind of other wood (synthetic sandalwood or perhaps vetiver) and yummy notes. Finally, it dries down to the above smells mixed with a soapy and heady floral scent, reminiscent of Chloé. The major difference between Princess and Rock Princess seems to be that Rock Princess is a bit perfumier, maybe a bit aldehydic with a creamy cupcake note imbedded somewhere, and lily-like heady florals intensifying towards the end. Honestly, I think it smells very similar to Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Hot. I like it, although if it didn't have the name and didn't come in the heavy heart-shaped black and silver marbled bottle topped by a spiky metal crown which I'll admit is very cute, I might not have bothered with it. For now, I'm enjoying it - it's my new Spring '09 scent, one I got unsniffed. In it, I'm channeling the bubbly and talented Demi Lovato more than any act emerging from the actual East Village of NYC. If Vera Wang ever decides to launch one called Rock Queen, I'd be all over it in a New York nanosecond as well.