Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Versace Baby Rose Jeans

March 3rd is Doll's Festival (Girls' Day) in Japan (hinamatsuri), and so I decided to write a super girly post. Versace Baby Rose Jeans is really a perfume marketed as a fragrance for children, but since most people here in NY don't put perfume on their kids, I think it's OK for adults to wear these kids' scents. Besides, it smells really nice! I wish I'd tried it out sooner. Baby Rose Jeans is a sweet, powdery scent, what I might describe as a modernized Jean-Charles Brosseau Ombre Rose. I smell a bit of violet along with the heart of rose (although rose never seems to be actually listed in any of the notes I come across), a hint of peach and a sweet, almost heliotropic, woody-vanillic type of base. There's some musk in here as well. It's a soft scent (timbre-wise and concentration-wise, but I still wouldn't go spritzing away like I couldn't overdo it). If it were stronger and more "grown up", it could be Lancôme Trésor or Magnifique - it's that type of powdery, rose-violetty, rich and sweet, orangey-peachy-flowery scent. For me, Baby Rose Jeans is the most non-cloying and wearable of this genre.

Osmoz lists these notes:
Versace Baby Rose Jeans (1995, Floral)
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Peach, Green note
Heart notes: Carnation, Ylang-Ylang, Orchid, Orris
Base note: Sandal, Cedar, Vanilla, Vetiver

I've also seen listed on other sites: mandarin, hyacinth, freesia and neroli.


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(Image: Images de Parfums)