Friday, April 10, 2009

INFJ Female - The Final Frontier Pt. 2

Here's the update! INTJ Female - Final Final Frontier Part 3A posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haha - well, after alllll those posts about possibly being an INTJ, I think I'm quite certain I'm INFJ! Let's just say I got a clear indication of that during my last little experiment of going to an actual INTJ board to test the waters to see how well I'd swim, and came out bitten and bruised but still OK, with a few new friends and lots of new insights and ideas, and the knowing that I stick out like a sore thumb among them. I definitely learned a lot, and even got some links to a research paper about falling in love, as well as to a You Tube clip of an economist from the '50s. All things aside, I'm glad I had the experience, even if some of the guys I got caught up in a debate about sexism with were in complete denial of the existence of sexism, which got under my skin more than anything else. Oh, no - actually, the worst was the thread where initiation to a cult was being promoted. That was my cue to get the hell outta there! Facebook people, beware. Many MBTI-related sites can be cult-like in their insular, clique-y behavior, so FYI, this is how you know that the bad vibe you feel isn't just you: Every cult leader knows the value of communal reinforcement combined with isolating cult members from contrary ideas.

Many cults tell members to supress "negativity' (emotion), which makes people numb, confused and to experience a paradigm shift. Read more about brainwashing at this link (a Christian site but helpful on topic).

I realized while being there that my in-your-face honesty backed by my resonant F (feeling function being values-based and protective) gets a bit intense for some T types to bear. Although we can all be (brutally at times) honest, when I do it, I tend to step on toes for some reason. They say the Enneagram Type 4 tends to stand out, too, but I am a singer and ex-TV talent - what else is new? It's not like I want to stand out all the time (I am an Introvert), and believe me, if it means making people feel anxious, I don't want to stand out at all. But my voice is strong when I'm getting behind my convictions. It's no wonder the INFJ is identified with people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks. This combination of logic and heart is what my MBTI angel meant when he said I was an INFJ...until all those tests I kept taking started indicating so many other possibilities. It was difficult to know which I really was, the INFJ or INTJ, because they're both dominated by Introverted iNtuition, and because my Thinking and Feeling functions are not very pronounced on either side. However, it's clear I use my logic to decipher human relationships, and I care about causes too much to be a purely rational being...not that INTJs are without heart (far from it) and certainly not that any real human should be.

So,, the site where I'd taken the MBTI Instrument, was not wrong in their initial assessment of me being an INFJ, even if the result was so close between INFJ and INTJ that they had me ultimately choose between their reported type and another possible type. I think I'd like to take their full test one of these days and report back on that!

Getting back to the topic of Myers-Briggs and Enneagram, here's another link I found on the topic of Type Correlations. On the bottom of the page (Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele), there's a chart listing the most common types of correlations between MBTI and Enneagram.

According to the chart, INFJs are mostly 4 (which I am) with 1 and 6 being quite common.

INTJ are mostly 1, 5 and 8, with 3 and 6 being quite common.

To read my previous entry regarding the Enneagram, link here: Enneagram 4w5: The Bohemian , posted Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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