Tuesday, April 21, 2009

INTJ Female - Final Final Frontier Part 3A

(Prometheus brings Fire to Mankind, www.liechtensteinmuseum.at)

So I took the MBTI again, this time complete with a one hour phone assessment by a certified administrator of the MBTI, and she says I sound like an INTJ! So, there you have it, from a pro! As much as I like to rely on my own objectivity, I realize there are blind spots when it comes to self-critique. I'm glad I went ahead and made the investment, and tomorrow, I should be receiving all my files from www.mbti.org (www.capt.org) explaining to me what it all means in terms of career choices, etc. I'll share what I can with you when they come in. I'm glad to have closure now, even though she's going to send over files for both INTJ and INFJ types just to be sure I'm happy with the result. Apparently, even being a J, I tend to keep my decisions at bay for as long as the matter is too important for me to settle for anything less than perfection, the absolute truth. I'm quite the taskmaster, aren't I?

What I've learned so far is that the written tests don't always tell you your true type. I had actually come up on the written test for the first time as an INFP!! Apparently, when the person I first spoke to (not the MBTI administrator) told me to take the online portion of the test as if it was my weekend to do whatever I felt like doing, I got in a fantasy vacation-y mood and went too far in the P direction. In truth, I like spontaneity when I can control what to be spontaneous about, not when others impose their spontaneous plans onto me! So here I learned that our mood can dictate how we answer the same questions, to come up as different types.

It wasn't till the phone conversation that many fine points about my personality started to emerge, and the MBTI administrator said that in a world where women are expected to be more Feeling-oriented, where women tend to appease (often due to fear), it's rare to find an INTJ woman. This is why the Myers-Briggs tests often assume a woman has more Feeling tendencies to start with. I told her I thought that sort of bias was wrong, and she agreed. I'm not sure if she agreed because she agreed, or if she was being agreeable. Nevertheless, I liked my MBTI administrator, a fellow iNtuitive type. Although we still went back and forth (as expected) over my two rational functions, Thinking and Feeling which seem to fight for dominance in me, in the end, she said she heard lots of T in my decision-making process. Thinking types can deeply care about people, and Feeling types can be extraordinarily logical. When dealing with people, I access my F just as much as I access my S when I'm walking down the street and need to look out for cars. But when she asked me if I fit the mold of an INFJ who would be tuned into a person like a psychic would be, to almost see the entire life story of a person as she spoke, I had to admit she was not on my mind as we spoke. When I was talking with her, I wasn't tuned into her as a person as much as I was tuned into everything she was saying, the insights she brought to the table, how useful they will be to me, and whether everything she said made sense to me. Then again, of course I would be, since I paid for the assessment, wouldn't I? For $150 (plus $30 for the online test), I wasn't there to minister to her but to see if she can do the job! At least I was full of verbal praise and appreciation for her insights - there ya go, an INTJ accessing her F, letting her know she was good at what she loved to do. The difference, perhaps, is that if I were an INFJ, I might have expressed appreciation regardless of perceived competence on her part. Then again, promoting growth in people is important to me, so if we had spoken in person, I might even have offered her a thank you hug!

Which brings me to this: I had a couple of new questions for her, which I hope she'll address tomorrow. They are: 1. Are some INTJs demonstrative and affectionate with loved ones (or people in general but especially loved ones)? Because I am, and I've read INTJs are not that way, and 2. Do INTJs all control their exterior expression to the point where little leaks through? I tend to be pretty real about what I'm feeling, although I prefer to express myself in ways other than simply talking about them, which, of course is my Achilles' heel. Also, I wish I had more self-restraint but I've always been pretty outspoken, too. After all, isn't Prometheus, the Greek god that INTJ is associated with (Promethean temperament) one who brought fire? How could he do that without there being some choleric temperament mixed with phlegmatic? Anyway, I believe that with maturity, I will be an INTJ who accesses her F more and more, which won't change my type but will make me a better overall person. OK, Part 3B is coming tomorrow, so please stay tuned! And please don't be alarmed if she comes back tomorrow saying she thinks I'm an INFJ - LOL!!!


I found this excellent resource for INTJ and INXJ types: Systems Thinker, www.systemsthinker.com Here, the correlating Enneagram types are also discussed. Scroll all the way down to go straight to the part regarding INXJ, or a blend of INTJ and INFJ.

Myers-Briggs (MBTI) has roots in Jungian Function Theory. Read this related and interesting article regarding Jungian Archetypes .


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