Wednesday, April 22, 2009

INTJ Female - Final Final Frontier Part 3B

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If I thought the INTJ forums online were nutty, the INFJ board takes the cake. The administrator of the Facebook group for INFJ was apparently OFFENDED that I came back on the thread I'd started regarding Enneagram (a lively thread, I might add), to report back about my recent professional assessment as an INTJ and kicked me out of the group with a sarcastic (the unfunny kind) remark. Leave it to me to manage to get banned from a Facebook group - LOL. Perhaps he wasn't really offended but took my confession as an opportunity to play the bully he doesn't get to play in real life - who knows? If that's how an F reacts, I'd like to say I prefer the self-righteous, ruthlessly objective INTJ style over the passive-aggressive, vindictive INFJ style any day (Read my follow-up entry on passive-aggression). Of course there are mature and immature people within any type, but this kind of emotional reaction communicates how unprincipled some Fs can be, regardless of the stereotype that they're caring, empathetic individuals. I don't understand why what I posted was so horrible and I don't think I ever will since he couldn't share why he was so deeply offended. It hurt my feelings because I'm sensitive, too...but I can shake it off and move on, to be the better man, so-to-speak.

So, getting back to my professional MBTI type assessment through (, my type professional got back to my questions today, and here's a little snippet of what she had to say: " my conversations with other type professionals, they have clarified that physical affection is not necessarily reflective of type. “Thinking” is basically a process of decision making." Well, then needs to fix that part in their own description of the INTJ as not being very affectionate or demonstrative! She continued, "When you make a decision is it from a logical perspective or from a values-driven perspective? When confused about type, I find it most useful to return to the basic questions which define each preference scale. Do you tend to make decisions based on what is most logical and objective, that deals with the basic truth of the matter, or, do you respond on a more personal this ethical and right, how will others take the decision? Which process do you go through first? You may think about both parts of the decision, but consider which is your immediate response. The order matters.

"I am glad that you have determined the type that fits you best. A good thing to do now is to “own” that type. Watch your behavior, especially your decision-making process, over the next few days to confirm that it does make sense". Maybe she's as stumped as I was by my being T or F that she wants me to further try to be self-aware in the next week to verify the type, but I think what happened on the INFJ forum was a blessing in disguise for me to see the dark side of the INFJ type clearly enough to know this could not be me. In my worst moments, I would act more like the in-your-face arrogant INTJ unable to take in other points of views, more than a snake who tries to hit you in the heart with banishment and rejection without some kind of principled reason, to teach a lesson about being lovable. As an INTJ, as unfair as it might have seemed, I've cut people out of my life only if it was clear to me that having connections with them would be harmful to me. It would take a lot before getting me to such a point. A tiff on a forum? I don't like them but sometimes they happen; I have them with people all the time, including people whom I now consider friends. Now, I think it makes sense what is meant by the F type's subjective decision-making process. Those still waters of F may be deep but not necessarily in a good way.

Here's another snippet of the ongoing conversation with my MBTI pro: " remember that having a preference for Feeling does not mean that you are necessarily more emotional. It means that you make decisions from a personal place rather than an objective one. Thinking types love and hurt and feel and express joy. Your statement (edit) “...I can be very impassioned when standing behind a conviction." sounds like “Thinking” to me where truth is paramount and justice in upholding convictions is important. While you may wish to ask others who are close to you if they see you as more objective or subjective in your decision making, remember that you know yourself the best. It can be helpful to hear what other people see in you. What sticks out most in my mind from our conversation were more Thinking characteristics".

While my type professional will not dictate my type as it's up to me to decide my own type, she has been helpful in being able to pinpoint the functions within me at work, and to provide new insights. I can now confidently say I'm an INTJ and I'm pretty proud of that fact. :-)


Related reading: For the INTJ (Promethean temperament), this is a fascinating look at the archetype and symbolism of Prometheus (read more at Iconography of the Prometheus myth by Gregorio Luri Medrano,

"The first torch-bearer, Prometheus, is a symbol of philanthropy (this word first appears in Greek in Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound), The light of the flame is like a philanthropic star. In a third-century Prometheic sarcophagus in the Louvre, we see together the clay figure molded by the Titan, the torch, and the star. The reproduction of the act of giving life to man by putting the light from a torch near him is repeated in several varied iconographies. Quite possibly the best representation is Piero di Cosimo's picture Story of Prometheus, painted around 1515. In a detail of the picture we can see the Titan sculpting his own body in stone with the stick of the torch he has used to bring fire to Earth.

"To the extent that Prometheus' action symbolises the inert figure's realisation of consciousness, this gesture may explain Prometheus' liberation from his chains; he had been eternally condemned by Zeus to remain chained to a rock in the Caucasus. In this direction, the torch, the star and the breaking of his chains are found in the origin of an iconography of liberation which is very close to us. To give several examples, I would send the reader to look at the poster for Andre Malraux' film Espoir; the emblem of Blasco Ibáñez' publishing house Editorial Prometeo; the Statue of Liberty in New York; the gilded image of Prometheus bearing fire on the doors of Rockefeller Centre in New York..."


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