Wednesday, April 01, 2009

NY Fragrance Examiner: Hampton Sun Privet Bloom - The fresh Great Gatsby getaway

If fresh, dewy skin had a scent, it would be Hampton Sun Privet Bloom. Created by New Yorkers and inspired by the exclusive beaches of eastern Long Island, this scent is described on the Hampton Sun website ( as "a delicate scent that captures the purity and elegance of summer in the Hamptons, with a fresh and unique blend of sea spray, dune grass, blue plum and the captivating privet blossom". I've spent a number of summer days and nights in the Hamptons back when I used to host a Japanese TV show and also when I'd sang for events and parties thrown here and there by the well-to-do. There's not one particular smell characteristic of this resort area chockful of both nature and nightlife, but it is ultra suburbia far away from the pollution of NYC, where the grass certainly is greener, and the quality of vegetation and gourmet products sublime. Privet Bloom is a scent that could take you to the Hamptons where celebrities and professionals spend their weekends alternating attire between Bermuda shorts with sandals and couture fashions under white parasols in Great Gatsby style. The airy Green Floral aroma is perfect for visiting a local vineyard or for spending a slow, leisurely day making homemade jam with the family. Crisp and clean, it has a simple, understated quality, nature-themed and country-oriented yet translating well into many environments including a proper office setting when you return to Manhattan in time to face another Monday...(continued)

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