Thursday, April 16, 2009

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

When Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb launched at Saks Fifth Avenue in 2004, I remember seeing the entire block of store windows on full Flowerbomb display, complete with videos running their ads and the Flowerbomb jingle blaring from loudspeakers. I recall feeling the impact of the mannequins dressed up in torn drapes of red, pink and purple fabrics, the billowy chiffon turban on the ad campaign model, all in conjunction with the "bombshell perfume" concept. Everything matched, even their pretty bauble of a bottle in the shape of a hand grenade. I felt for sure this perfume was a statement of some sort, as many images we see in fashion often are vehicles through which designers communicate symbolically, subversively. I also remembered how similar the campaign was to that of Guerlain Chamade (1969) which also had been portrayed as a "bombshell" perfume of sorts, "the drumbeat signaling the moment of surrender" depicted as an image of a burning castle behind a woman with long hair turned upside down. All this is written to express just how powerful this Flowerbomb is, was, and always will be in the minds of those of us who lived through its time. Whether you love the fragrance or not, Flowerbomb was one of the strongest perfume creations to have come out in recent years, one to be remembered for years to follow...

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