Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why Feeling isn't Emotional: More Thoughts on MBTI - Jungian Function Theory

I posted the same thoughts on an INTJ forum (now that the cult induction thread has taken a vacation) and wanted to reiterate here. I wanted to clarify one point since I've been contemplating this all week - the part about F being about emotions. I need to get it through my own thick skull that F is not about being more or less emotional because we all feel, but about how decisions are made based on personal values, meaning judgments are swayed by what's more or less important to a person (value judgments). I suspect we all need to use this at times because we want to protect those who are important to us on a personal level. That doesn't mean Fs are illogical and Ts are unethical. We may seek to judge based on principles addressing human issues on a more global level than a personal one. As impassioned as we may feel about those principles, obviously, that approach can have blind spots when dealing with individuals. As this helpful site suggests, Ts need to remember to respect feeling (values) as important facts. I would add T anF are both rational functions (based on Judging) according to Jung, while S/N are irrational (experience / intuition based on Perceiving).

I've also been thinking about how much more music-oriented I am than lyric-driven in my approach to songwriting. I have things I want to communicate verbally but the music comes easier, and I love music for music, lyrics second or great icing on the cake (but I like the cake). I think, to oversimplify things, what's meant by T is that being systemic thinkers, Ts need logical sense in our communication style whereas F types excel in language and don't care for pure logic. I'm more of a mathematical thinker (primary focus on logic) than a language-based, meaning-oriented one (primary focus on communication style). But for INTJ, the real primary function is N, intuition which helps us with deductive reasoning. S is better at inductive reasoning, all points which are addressed in the link above, explaining how we take in data (Perceiving (S/N) = irrational functions) and decide what to do with it (Judging (T/F) = rational functions).