Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fascist PC

Here's a little perspective for ya: Derailing for Dummies: Making Discrimination Easier! Version 0.3! Improved with New Additions to More Fully Enhance Your Bigotry!

I'm posting in response to witnessing today a typical anti-PC rant on a board. It involved someone using an archaic term on a forum whereby the use of the term ended up offending some people (ARCHAIC TERMS ARE ARCHAIC FOR A REASON...because by current standards, they are dumb). When people air their personal feelings on a matter involving feeling offended from a personal standpoint, they're often labelled as being PC and quickly dismissed. Those people say they hate PC and feel PCness is another form of fascism, but isn't shutting people up who might genuinely feel the ways they do, making people feel they don't deserve the right to an opinion, the real fascism? What's with all these fascist people projecting their own fascist convictions onto others? When people tell me they hate my PCness on any given point, my answer is, "I didn't say you didn't have the right to say what you said but I have a right to voice an opinion on what you said, and the attempt to shut me up with intimidating name-calling is fascist". Simple.

And to all those self-righteous fascists who think just because they themselves don't see the offense, that whatever is offensive doesn't really exist and shouldn't exist, guess what? You might not but someone else does, so grow up and deal with it. It's the people who think the fact that they don't see the offense means the offense isn't there, that are making the most idiotic value judgment, that people's feelings aren't worth considering on any matter involving their "rights".